Firefly Home

What does your house do for you?

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Smart Home

Smart Home made easy!

With Firefly its easy to get started...
1. Setup Firefly Hub
2. Add devices
3. Let Firefly start learning

Firefly can be up and running in minutes.

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Apartment Friendly

Firefly was prototyped and built in an apartment!

Are you living in an apartment? Not a problem! Firefly uses wireless sensors and devices allowing setup without hard-wiring anything. When you are ready to move, just take your devices and sensors with you.

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Firefly works event if your internet goes down!

All automation is done locally, therefore if you have lights that come on when there is motion, they will still turn on even if your internet is down.

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Self Aware

Firefly knows when no one is home

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Eco Friendly

Firefly was designed for energy savings

Firefly can help you stop wasting electricity. When the house is empty or a room is not being used, Firefly will turn off all uneeded devices to help you save energy.

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Built for security

Security is the top priority when it comes to your home. Built on top of secure platforms and with strong authentication, Firefly is secure so you dont have to worry about someone else controling your house.

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Firefly can be your alarm system too

Let firefly notify you if your door opens and you're not home, or if it senses flooding in your home.

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Firefly: In Progress

Firefly is currently in development. At this moment in time there is a public beta, however it is very much a DIY project.

Firefly currently runs on a RaspberryPi and has full Amazon Alexa and Google Home support. If you would like to start using firefly now please contact us and we will let you know how to get started.