Always Learning

Firefly is always learning about the way that you interact with your home. Over time Firefly will learn your patters and start acting on them before you can.

Easy To Use

Firefly was built with you in mind. Its easy to use and easy to setup. In fact almost everything can be done with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Automation is as easy as saying:
"Alexa, tell Firefly Home to turn on kitchen lights when someone walks in."

Home Sharing

Firefly has multiple user support as well as multiple home support. This means everyone in your family can have their own account, no more sharing passwords. You can also setup a sharing schedule for Baby Sitters, Pet Sitters or AirBnB Renters.

Eco Friendly

Firefly was designed to save energy and money. It can turn off your AC or Heater if someone opens a window. It will always make sure your lights are off when your family is gone. Don't worry Firefly will always welcome you home by turning on your lights when you get home.

Access Anywhere

With the Android and iOS apps you can access Firefly anytime you have your phone. What if you forget your phone? Don't worry you can access your house from any computer with internet at https://firefly-home.io

Location Aware

Firefly knows when you or your family are home or away. Firefly will always set the alarm and turn off the lights when everyone leaves. But don't worry, we don't track your location, only the proximity to your home.